Help / FAQ

Q: I am having trouble logging in. How can I find my username or password?

Click on this link and enter the email address you used to sign up for the website:
If you cannot remember the email address you used, please email for help finding it.

Q: I want to register for the website, but I do not know my Customer ID. How can I find it?

A: If you have an invoice, quote, or order acknowledgment from us, your Customer ID can be found on it. If you cannot find your customer ID, you can fill out a form on our Contact Us page to request your code:
If you do not have an account with PM Industrial, you can get a new code by registering as a new user and clicking “I do not have a Customer ID.” Then fill out your name and company information and click “Register”. It may take up to a couple of business hours to get your info into our system before we assign you a Customer ID. Once we do, you will be notified and can login to the website.

Q: I just registered for the website, but I still cannot login. Why?

A: When you register for our website, we get notified and need to approve your registration. This is usually done within an hour, but may take a few hours. Once we have approved your registration, you will be notified and can login.

Q: I noticed an error on the website, who can I report this to?

A: You can report any errors, comments, or suggestions about our website to We are constantly changing and updating our website, so we appreciate any input or suggestions you may have.

Q: How can I convert a quote to an order?

A: Go to My Account and click on the Quotes page on the left (or you can scroll to the bottom of the My Account dashboard to see recent quotes). Click on the quote # you would like to see, and it will open a page with all of the items on the quote. From there you can add items to your cart and check out. There may be items that don’t give you an option to add to your cart. This is because that item may not be marked to display on our website for a number of reasons, so for now you will need to contact your salesmen or to have us convert your quote.

Q: What is a Shopping List, and how can I create one?

A: Shopping lists are a great way to make finding frequently used products fast and easy. You can create multiple shopping lists to separate products by category (ie, by product type, job#, or any other grouping). For instance, if you have a list of end mills that you purchase frequently, you can have an “End Mills” shopping list and put those end mills in there. Then when you need to buy one, you can open the list and find them quickly and easily instead of searching the website for the right one.

To create a shopping list, go to your My Account dashboard. In the Shopping Lists window, you can view an existing list or create a new one. You can name it anything you want, and click “Create”.
To add items to a shopping list: When you find an item on the website that you want to add to your list, you can enter the quantity to add, and click “Add to List”. You can select which list to add it to, or create a new list on the fly.